Welcome to South Hereford Repair Café at Dinedor Village Hall.

Our repair sessions last for two and a half hours, during which we aim to tackle some 18-20 jobs. We can also provide you with tea, coffee and cake while you wait, for which we do not charge but a donation towards their cost is always welcome.

Items must be booked in advance so that we can control numbers attending.  It also helps us to know in advance what items we expect so we can bring appropriate tools etc.

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Items that cannot be safely operated indoors, such as petrol mowers, chain saws or dirty or oily items, etc, cannot be accepted for repair.   Please see our Terms and Conditions page for further details of how we operate.

About South Hereford Repair Café

We have a team of repair experts who will be present at Repair Café sessions.  Our team members are handy with repairing:

  • toys
  • household goods
  • electrical appliances
  • electronic equipment
  • garden tools (excluding those with petrol engines)
  • furniture and other wooden objects
  • clothing and other textile repairs.

In addition, our sharpener John provides a tool sharpening service for kitchen knives and garden implements such as loppers, secateurs and shears.

We can normally only tackle repairs that can be completed in the hall in a reasonable time – typically half an hour.  Some repairs require specialist equipment and expertise which are outside the scope of a Repair Café and, in these cases, we can advise on the best course of action.

Repair Cafés are local schemes that promote repair as an alternative to throwing things away.  Our Repair Café sessions are held at Dinedor Village Hall, usually on the third Saturday of every month from 10.00am to 12.30pm. Our Repair Café does not charge a fee for repairs but it does rely on our visitors’ generous donations, preferably in cash, to keep our service free for everyone and to cover costs such as venue hire, refreshments, specialist tools and consumables. The only time you will be asked to contribute financially is when a repairer needs to buy a special part to complete your repair.

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We are still looking for volunteers to repair:

  • Household electrical and electronic items
  • Broken furniture, toys, crockery etc.

We are also looking for volunteers to serve in our café, make cakes for our sessions and help out front-of-house.

If you would like to volunteer and help us run this community service please email repaircafe@dinedorvillagehall.org.uk or speak to someone on our reception desk.

We shall look forward to seeing you soon at South Hereford Repair Café.